We are an OMNI platform dedicated to creating a single eco system for federations, Sports Bodies and IP holders. We are the future, a single content platform for all live and past content, managed and controlled by the IP holder. Our platform allows for communities to be created, such as virtual fan zones, where we create social interaction around broadcast content. We have build in features to allow for gamification and inter game interaction, pause, rewind, overlay chat and share. Our platform allows for social networking within broadcast content, no longer is broadcast content reliant on a third party social networking site to host their fan base, content or subscription model. We do not buy rights, we provide the platform for the right holders to exploit the technologies that make content cool, all in one place, under the IP holder. We operate below the IP holders as a white label solution, our competition is the IP holders current, redundant website. We are the next generation of platform for Sports bodies, IP holders and Federations.

The world is ever-changing, but none-so-much as now, with the global acceleration into the digital age. 52.2% of the world’s social network users are in Asia with 97.3% of them accessing via mobile for an average of 2 to 4 hours per day. Of this China is the world’s largest digital network market with social network users spending nearly 6 hours per day in the digital world.

The team and I at ExhibitsTV truly believe we are at the start of this mega movement. We are in a changing world and those in charge must adapt to keep up with the curve. Our platform OMNI-PLAY is designed to ‘move the goal posts’ and disrupt the current community model of Social Engagement around Sports Content.

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